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We’re an engineering company, first and foremost. When you call us, you’ll speak with an engineer — not just a salesman. We design complete pelletizing systems for all of your material densification needs. 

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The Buskirk Approach

The Buskirk Approach is straight forward: Work hard to understand each Customer and their needs, then work equally as hard to produce their needs at a reasonable price.

The Buskirk Approach means we get to know:

  • Our Customers’ business operations
  • Our Customers’ financing requirements
  • Our Customers’ delivery time schedule demands
  • Our Customers’ expectations for quality and consistent pellet production at the volume they require

The Buskirk Approach places the Customer first so that our pellet mill systems are custom designed and engineered to our Customers’ specifications allowing our Customers to drive growth in their respective business.  The Buskirk Approach is simply the right way to treat our Customers and help them succeed.

The Buskirk Difference

The Buskirk Difference is simple and straight forward:  Provide cost effective integrated machinery and equipment that has production redundancy and mobility so that our Customers can expand their operations as they experience growth and our Customers can move our machinery and equipment to multiple locations.

The Buskirk Difference incorporates the Buskirk Tri-Mill System, which is a hallmark of Buskirk Engineering’s focus on our Customers.

  • The Buskirk Tri-Mill System is designed with our Customers’ growth in mind
    • A Customer who purchases a single Pellet Mill system from Buskirk Engineering can easily add two (2) additional lines giving them three (3) pellet mill lines of production; our Customers can grow their pellet production business with the Buskirk Tri-Mill System
    • Integrated, scalable and portable machinery and equipment allows our Customers to install and set up the Buskirk Tri-Mill System quickly – which allows for immediate pellet production following delivery
    • Portability was designed into the Buskirk Tri-Mill System offering our Customers the ability to relocate the System to a new location to take advantage of their biomass input location and reduce transportation costs
    • Increase our Customers’ ability to expand pellet production by adding integrated Buskirk Engineering equipment to existing pelleting operations
  • Ease of set up means our Customers can be producing pellets within a day or two (2) of delivery
  • Scalability permits our Customers to operate the Tri-Mill System based on their demand needs and grow when demand increases

The Buskirk Difference allows our Customers to immediately start producing pellets within one (1) to two (2) days after delivery and to move a Buskirk Pellet Mill System to a site that makes business sense for their operations.  Further, Customers can utilize the Buskirk Difference with the Buskirk Tri-Mill System to offer scalability to ensure maximum pellet production.  The Buskirk Difference is really a difference maker.

Buskirk Know-How

Buskirk Know-How is simple and straight forward:  Understand our Customers’ technical needs and meet and those needs by engineering and designing Pellet Mill Systems that are unique to each Customers’ space, use and energy requirements.

  • Buskirk Know-How means our engineers design our pellet mills with the highest quality steel dies and rollers to meet:
    • Our Customers’ pellet quality and volume demands
    • Our Customers’ input production application
  • Buskirk Know-How means our engineers design our pellet mills around U.S. and international standards:
    • Our Customers’ electrical requirements
      • Africa, Asia, Canada, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and South America have varying electrical power standards and Buskirk Engineering knows how to adapt our Pellet Mill Systems to these varying standards
      • Stand-alone operations that require generators are also part of the Buskirk Know-How and we can adapt our Pellet Mill Systems to operate with a generator
  • Buskirk Know-How further means:
    • Our Customers have access to ancillary equipment that Buskirk Engineering can integrate into their pelleting operations making those components – such bag equipment (i.e., including super sacks), to take our Customers’ finished pellets to market to be sold.
  • Buskirk Know-How incorporates our engineering expertise to design our Pellet Mill Systems to meet each Customers’ electrical requirements, site needs, material application and end product packaging to move their product to their clients.
The Buskirk Advantage

The Buskirk Advantage is simple and straightforward:  We combine The Buskirk Approach, The Buskirk Difference and The Buskirk Know-How to provide:

  • Our Customers with quick and easy set up time – our Customers can start making pellets one to two (2) days after taking delivery
  • Our Customers with fully integrated components – allows for expansion and mobility as our Customers grow their business or need to change locations to take advantage of a new input site
  • Our Customers receive high quality American made Pellets Mills that ensure reliable, quality produced pellets at the volume of output they expect

The Buskirk Advantage is evidenced by the Buskirk Pellet Mill Systems being placed upon a physical platform, taking advantage of our integrated equipment to reduce our machinery’s footprint and to promote efficiency and mobility for our Customers’ business operations.  We call this the Buskirk Platform.  Put the Buskirk Approach, the Buskirk Difference, the Buskirk Know-How and the Buskirk Advantage to work for you and your business today!