Pellet Mills for Plastic Recycling

Buskirk Engineering is an Industry Leader in Plastic Pelletizing

The most efficient time to recycle plastics is during the manufacturing process, before products hit the consumer market. We’ve worked alongside many manufacturers to design systems to capture, reclaim, and repurpose plastic waste before it leaves the plant.

Our engineering team can work with your production managers to develop a solution for plastic trim, plastic dust, out-of-spec products, and other waste. We can install pelletizing equipment right on site, eliminating transportation costs. And we can help you drastically reduce the amount of storage space needed (as we did with one diaper company’s fluffy polypropeline tailings).

Plastic consumer goods can also be pelletized. We’ve worked with a major coffeeshop chain (you know who they are) to pelletize cup lids and other plastic packaging. Our equipment is durable enough to handle “sticky” plastics. (We once built a system to pelletize wet bread bags!) Pellets made from post-consumer plastics can be resold and repurposed into furniture, textiles, and more.

Plastic Waste Processing Systems

We worked with a manufacturing company that had nearly 30,000 square feet of storage space set aside for regrinding waste, trim, and off-spec plastic products. With their previous system, they could only blend 20% of regrind with virgin material. 

With a Buskirk Pelletizing System in place, they were able to emulate their original raw material. We helped the company increase efficiency and significantly reduce storage space. 


Micro Skid System

Pellet Mill System for PLASTIC WASTE

At Buskirk Engineering, we design complete turnkey systems for all of your pellet processing needs. Because we design, engineer, and build each system ourselves in Indiana, USA, we can have you up and running in under 24 hours once delivered, on site. We also offer a complete line of ancillary equipment including Paddle Mixers, Bulk Holding Tanks, Conveyors, Counter Flow Pellet Coolers, and more.

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Let us know. We can build your vision.

* Talk with us about your needs and estimated capacities. We will create a custom pellet system design for your specific usage. We have done testing with many different types of material and have engineered solutions to a wide range of applications. Please contact Buskirk Engineering to discuss your specific product.