Pellet Systems for Carbon Reduction and Recycling

Reclaim Carbon, BioChar, Coke and PETCOKE
to Reduce Environmental Impact


Logistics in handling carbon have been an issue for companies for years. Carbon can be volatile and has been an environmental problem and even marked as a biohazard in its common powder or dust form. Being able to turn the carbon into pellets reduces transportation and handling costs and it provides a more uniform measure based on weight.

Carbon has long been used by industry as an additive to products such as steel, printer ink, plastics, and other commercial applications.  Carbon creates several issues due to its fine particles (dust), its less dense weight, and dirty remnants when processing.  Discussions about carbon reduction are taking place due to the global initiative created as part of the Paris Climate Accord, which established a global carbon market.  This global initiative has generated more interests in alternative uses for carbon, most notably in agriculture as a soil amendment and as a filter at water treatment facilities.  Buskirk Engineering has worked closely with several Customers to pelletize carbon without adding binders or other additives during the pelleting process; although, our Customers can use Buskirk Engineering pelletizing equipment to produce pellets customized with binders and additives based on their specific needs and uses.  Buskirk Engineering pellet mills take loose (dust), light weight carbon and densifies the carbon into pellets to lower Customers’ transportation costs and give Customers a more uniform final pellet product for commercial and agricultural uses.  If your company is working with carbon, contact Buskirk Engineering to learn how our team can help you process it into high-quality, manageable pellets for easier and safer handling, transportation and use.


Biochar is a form of carbon that is the resultant product after biomass (organic material from animals and plants) undergoes pyrolysis (a high temperature refining process without oxygen). Presently, the primary use of the remaining biochar is as a soil amendment that, when properly applied to land areas, allows soil to retain water and regulate nutrients to make cropland more productive.  Additionally, the biochar has found commercial use in the water filtration market.  Buskirk Engineering, Inc. is working with several companies that produce biochar and our company’s machinery has successfully pelletized biochar without any binders.  This process gives our Customers a densified pellet of biochar that is the type of product currently in demand for both commercial and agricultural applications and in a form that can be transported in a more cost effective and safer manner.  If your company is producing biochar, then contact Buskirk Engineering so our team can show you how our equipment and machinery can help your operations further refine it for agricultural, commercial and industrial uses. 


Coke and petcoke are the by-products of processing coal and petroleum.  Both coke and petcoke are primarily comprised of carbon and historically have been used as either fuel or to smelt iron ore.  After coal or petroleum are processed the resulting coke (or petcoke) takes the form of clumps or powder, which are not uniform.  The result is coke or petcoke dust, which is difficult, and, in some instances, unsafe to handle, expensive to transport and arduous to handle and use.  Environmentally, because of the dusty, particulate nature of coke and petcoke, it has presented challenges to companies trying to store, transport or dispose those by-products.  Buskirk Engineering, Inc. has pelletized petroleum based coke to produce a more dense pellet in order to reduce our Customers’ handling and transportation costs.  Additionally, the pellet form of coke and/or petcoke makes the product more uniform so that it can be consistently measured and safer to handle for industrial and commercial applications and uses.  If you operations generate coke or petcoke, call Buskirk Engineering so our team can help you address issues created by this by-product.

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Pellet Mill System for Industry

At Buskirk Engineering, we design complete turnkey systems for all of your pellet processing needs. Because we design, engineer, and build each system ourselves in Indiana, USA, we can have you up and running in under 24 hours once delivered, on site. We also offer a complete line of ancillary equipment including Paddle Mixers, Bulk Holding Tanks, Conveyors, Counter Flow Pellet Coolers, and more.

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* Talk with us about your needs and estimated capacities. We will create a custom pellet system design for your specific usage. We have done testing with many different types of material and have engineered solutions to a wide range of applications. Please contact Buskirk Engineering to discuss your specific product.