Who is Buskirk Engineering?

American Made Pellet Mills

At Buskirk, we do more than sell pellet mills. Our Biomass Densification Engineers create solutions for individuals and businesses seeking alternative uses for their waste streams.

Many common biomass problems have been pelletized successfully with our machines:  corn stalks, corn cobs, switch grass, straw, dry distillers grain (DDG), seed hulls, alfalfa, waste paper, cardboard, plastics, animal manure, wool, and many more.

The video shows a hops pelletizing system being dry-fit tested before shipping to a hops farm in France.  American engineering empowering French farmers to improve beer brewing all over Europe!

Common Applications

Fuel: With the rising cost of oil and natural gas, many have turned to using pellet fired furnaces for heating their homes and businesses.

Feed: Many farmers prefer the convenience and flexibility feeding a complete ration in pellet form to livestock, pets, and for use in aquaculture.

Fertilizer: Others have found opportunity in pelletizing for bulk reduction, sterilization and reuse of solid wastes that would otherwise end up in our landfills.



If you are not familiar with Buskirk Engineering, then you should know:

  • Buskirk Engineering has been a leader in the biomass densification industry for over a decade
  • Buskirk Engineering proudly designs, engineers and manufactures high quality flat die turnkey pellet mill systems customized for each Customer
    • Buskirk Engineering’s first design principle combines High Toque and Low RPM rollers with dies of the highest quality steel, so our pellet mill systems produce consistent quality pellets for our Customers
    • Buskirk Engineering’s second design principle focuses on our Customers’ growth with easily expandable pellet mill systems that are engineered to integrate additional mills to increase our Customers’ ability to expand pellet production – this is the Buskirk Tri-Mill System™
    • Buskirk Engineering’s third design principle is integration and ease of set up so our Customers can immediately begin producing pellets after delivery of their new pellet mill system
  • Buskirk Engineering is located in Indiana – the Heartland of America
  • Buskirk Engineering has pellet mills in every state of the United States, 37 countries and a Buskirk pellet mill is located on every continent (except Antarctica)
  • Buskirk Engineering is affiliated with lenders who provide our Customers with lease options, equipment financing agreements and other financing options to remove any financial barriers or capital constraints that can delay our Customers’ projects
  • Buskirk Engineering is Customer-centric – we focus on our Customers first.