Frequently asked Questions - F&Q:

Question: What preparations are required?

Answer: For the best results in pelletizing, most materials will need to be hammer milled or screened with a 3/16” screen. Materials such as cardboard, hops, and paper would be screened at ¾”. Wool will need to be shredded. Foreign objects such as rocks, metal, ect. will need to be removed before feeding the pellet mill.

Question: Can I use the same pellet mill to pelletize a variety of materials or is an additional pellet mill required?

Answer: Our pellet mills are designed to pelletize a vast number of materials for various purposes. Different materials may require a different die thickness. It is common for customers to have multiple dies for one mill to pelletize different materials. You would then just have to switch out the die in preparation to pelletize a different material. The output varies with pelletizing different materials.

Question: Are your items in stock?

Answer:  All our products are built to order with lead times varying depending on current projects.

Question: What moisture content is required for pelletizing?

Answer: Plant based materials will require a moisture content of around 10-15%.

Question: What is the difference between single-phase and three-phase?

Answer: Three-phase power is more efficient to operate motors and is often available on farm and commercial buildings. Typically, but not always, if you do not know If you have three-phase power, then it is safe to assume that you only have single-phase power.

Question: Can the wool shredder shred other materials?

Answer: The wool shredder was designed and engineered to shred wool and only wool. Rocks and hard materials caught in the fleece should be picked out prior to feeding it into the wool shredder.

Question: Warranty?

Answer: Yes, our products do come with a warranty for the first two years and cover any manufacturer defects. Warranty does NOT cover any mis-wiring during set-up, wear and tear of the die and rollers, improper preparation of material (rocks, metal, ect.) that is fed into the mill, ect.

Question: What would I need for a PTO pellet mill?

Answer: A minimum of a 20 HP motor will be required for the 6-inch PTO, 30 HP for the 8-inch PTO, and 50 HP for the 12-inch PTO. Our PTO mills do not come with a PTO shaft. The shaft can be easily purchased at your local tractor supply store.

Question: What PTO shaft is needed?

Answer: A PTO shaft is not included in the purchase of a PTO pellet mill. A 540 PTO shaft is needed for the PTO pellet mills. We recommend running the shaft at 300 RPM for the best pellet results.

Question: What kind of plugs/receptacles come with the equipment?

Answer: Our products are commercial equipment and are not plug and play systems. An electrician will be needed to set up the equipment. With your electrician, you can choose the plug style that works best for you. There are different types of plugs out there that you would want to consult with an electrician to find one that works best for what you have.

Question: Can I do my own wiring myself?

Answer: We would recommend hiring a licensed electrician with insurance to ensure the wiring is completed correctly. The warranty does not cover damage due to improper wiring.