8″ Pellet Mills

Model PM810 Pellet Mill

For A wide Variety of Applications

The Buskirk 8” Mills are designed for small businesses and agricultural Customers who have reduced volume demands for their operations.  It has a wide variety of applications whether agricultural – for feed, grain, or similar material, forestry or industry. The Buskirk 8” Pellet Mill is a mainstay for our Customers who have reduced pellet output demands, but it produces the same consistent quality pellets for our Customers.  With in-house machined dies made of the highest quality steel, the flat surface area of the die allows the Buskirk 8” Pellet Mills to produce the following outputs of select material that has been properly prepared for our Customers:


  • 8″ diameter x 1.5″ thick machined die plate
  • 10 HP grease-packed gear motor • Stainless steel upper housing
  • 2 4″ diameter hardened rollers
  • Single or three phase electric power
  • 15 3/4 X 23 1/2 X 51 5/8
  • Manufactured in the USA


Output Table

Properly Prepared Material Maximum Output (lbs/hr)
Crop Residue 400
Hops 150
Woody Material 200

*Capacity varies upon material preparation

* The estimated capacities used here are for reference purposes and are based on a generic biomass mix that has been properly prepared for pelleting. We have done testing with many different types of biomass and have found a large variance in capacity based on the type and preparation of material. Please contact Buskirk Engineering for estimated capacities using your specific product.

Because of the Buskirk Difference™, the 8” Pellet Mill system is scalable, which means that additional Pellet Mills can added to the equipment to increase production based on the growth of our Customers’ business.  This is a versatile pellet system capable of processing nearly any kind of material in to pellets our Customers may want.