Ancillary Products

Surge Tank is offered in a variety of different sizes with two options. A live bottom auguring system, or a paddle mixing round bottom Paddle Mixing Surge Tank blending system. The live bottom has 4 directional, or bi-directional augers that keep the material moving, thus eliminating bridging that occurs with light or fluffy materials. The round bottom is an ideal tank for blending and mixing. A variable frequency drive controls the discharge into the pellet mill. Liquid additive system is available upon request.

Live Bottom Surge Tank

• Tank can be fed using air system, auger, of conveyor
• Live bottom auger system with 1 HP gear motor
• Mill feed augers with 1/3 and 1/2HP gear motors
• Feed auger runs off of VFD
• Windows for viewing material level
• Access doors on both sided for clean out
• Single and Dual 72 X 52 1/2 X 84 3/4
• Triple 72 X 67 1/4 X 84 3/4
• Manufactured in the USA

Sizes include:
• 45 CF
Single and Dual 72 X 52 1/2 X 84 3/4
Triple 72 X 67 1/4 X 84 3/4

• 58 CF
Single and Dual 84 X 47 1/2 X 91 7/8
Triple 84 X 67 1/4 X 91 7/8

Paddle Mixing Surge Tanks

· Tank can be fed using Air System, Auger, or Conveyor
· Paddle Mixing System with a 5 hp, 3 Phase Sumitomo motor
· Mill Feed Augers with 1/3 and 1/2 hp Gear Motors
· Feed Augers Run off of VFD for Speed Control
· Removable Split Polycarbonate Top for easy Clean Out
· Great for feeding hops
· Manufactured in the USA

Sizes include:
• 45 CF
• 58 CF

* The estimated capacities used here are for reference purposes and are based on a generic biomass mix that has been properly prepared for pelleting. We have done testing with many different types of biomass and have found a large variance in capacity based on the type and preparation of material. Please contact Buskirk Engineering for estimated capacities using your specific product.