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Why Buskirk?

You’re at that point. You’ve already made the investment, or perhaps you’re just at the starting line. Whether you have 50 acres in the ground, or you haven’t even bought the land yet, Buskirk Engineering is here to help. Your business is growing the finest hops possible, our business is processing them. We understand the steps it takes to keep lupulin loss at a minimum, and Alpha Acids at a maximum.

“When the processing temperature is lowered, the quality of the essential oils in the pellet are better preserved and closer to that of an unpelletized hop, which from an aroma perspective is a good thing for a brewer.” -Tom Shellhammer, Ph.D., Nor'Wester Professor of Fermentation Science

Every day we continue to evolve, a lot like the Hop Farmer, to manufacture the absolute best product we can by hand, in the USA. Call me today to discuss your needs. We can build around your vision.

Proud Hops Growers using Buskirk Pelletizing Equipment:

Michigan Hop Alliance


Steve Schmidt


Chris Holden


Steve Howe


Wisconsin Hop Exchange


USA Hops


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Single PM1220 (Line Image)

Single PM1220 (CAD)

Tri PM1220

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